The Real Jesus Christ

The Wrath Of God

In the "Wrath of God" we again see Jesus launching what appears to be an unprovoked attack. Scholars think Jesus was killing this man after the man "lieth with a beast". The Lord God has said in the Holy Bible that any man who has sex with a beast should be put to death. Since no one was there to put this man to death after he had intercourse with his neighbor's horse, Jesus was tasked with the deed. We cannot be certain of these circumstances, but it is the best educated guess of scholars "in the know".

A Closer Look

Jumping Jesus

Similar to the first strike in "The Blind Man", we can see here that Jesus used the element of surprise. The man had no idea he was about to be attacked, as Jesus lept toward him, grabbed him by the back of the neck, and kneed him very hard in the junk. It's clear from the way the man's heels left the ground that his balls had been crushed. They were likely to have exploded like warm, plump grapes being chewed in the mouth.

Elbow Strike

In this second image we can see Jesus preparing to kill the man with a bionic elbow from the heavens. This elbow originates from High, and strikes down on the man's head when he cannot see it coming. Jesus was an expert at brining forth his second technique from an angle at which his opponent could not see it en route.

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