The Real Jesus Christ

Turn the Other's Cheek

In this combination we see Jesus being insulted by a man. As the Lord does not take kindly to insult, he "turns the other's cheek". Some use the Holy Bible passage on "turning the other cheek" to mean that you should allow a man to smite you! But Bible scholars have concluded that the original translation was incorrect. The correct term is "turn the other's cheek", which means that when a man should smite you, you should turn HIS cheek. We weren't sure exactly what this meant until we were able to see the ancient scrolls illustrating the fighting techniques of Jesus. Now, you're able to see it too!

A Closer Look

Cheek Slap

Here we see Jesus stepping in to "turn the other's cheek". Notice that he steps directly into his opponent, slaps down his lead hand, and slaps him right across the face. You can see that Jesus takes advantage of this "turned cheek" by stepping behing the man where he has no vision.

Elbow Neck

In this image we can see exactly what Jesus is doing behind the man. He is elbowing him in the back of the neck, thus severing his spinal column and killing him. So we see that "turn the other's cheek" actually means to turn the cheek to get behind. Once you are behind you have the option to use the bionic elbow, or to snatch the twig and berries.

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