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The Truth About Need Him Ministries

Need Him Ministries thinks Muslims worship satan, drink camel urine, and will burn in hell with homos.

Yet they fail to realize the real Jesus Christ is a powerful, fearless warrior. Here, we'll show you the whole truth.

Conversations With Need Him Ministries

Jesus decided to have His disciple Mark contact Need Him Ministries after seeing their chat about Jesus commercial on TV. Since they were offering to chat about Jesus, He wanted to find out how much they knew about the real Jesus Christ. In their correspondence with Mark below, you can see they think Muslims worship satan, drink camel urine, and are going to burn in hell. They also think that "God is very interested in our sexuality", including the sins of "bestiality, homosexuality, pederasty, pedophilia, incest, masturbation, fornication, adultery, bisexuality, etc."

Even though they claim Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and anyone else who doesn't worship Jesus will be "made his footstool", they think Jesus is not a vengeful Warrior. This is wrong. Obviously, only a vengeful, angry man could declare anyone who doesn't worship Him an "enemy". Need Him Ministries does not know the true nature of the Lord. When the Lord meets these people, He will do this to them for painting him a sissy, feminie savior.

In the correspondence below you'll see how little they actually know about Jesus and His ways:

Hello...the website has quotes from Jesus that portray him as an angry man who would make nonbelievers burn in hell. Is this true??? Thanks you and blessings, Mark


All false.........all that is legitimate about Jesus is conatined in the Bible. There are certain books that were not canonized-they were not "lost" at all. The early Church knew about these spurious books and rejected them in the first 2 centuries. I have them all at home-they are called aprocryphal or pseudipigraphical.

The authoritative, God sanctioned, word for us about Jesus is contained in the Protestant Bible. Don't be fooled by Da Vinci Code stuff or these spurious websites-that's all a lot of baloney.

The truth is God loves you personally very much, and you were created by God, and with a unique destiny and purpose for your life. We all have a God given desire within us to feel loved and accepted, and to feel a part of something bigger than us. All of that can be found only when we commit and surrender our lives to God. The steps to doing that are listed below.

I hope this helps you. Feel free to write me back here, or call 1-888-NEEDHIM.



1.Accept Jesus Christ as the sacrifice for your sins, and as your only personal Savior, and ask God to forgive you in Jesus’ name verbally.

2.Get water baptized if you haven’t already. This is an outward expression of your commitment to God. It represents a ‘burial’ and ‘resurrection’ in Christ. You need to do this in a Christian fellowship.

3.Ask God to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and power. This is the real way to peace and victory in life, and deliverance from demonic possession and oppression. Get some people that believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit to pray with you for this experience. God Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit will come into you in power and manifest Himself in some way. See 1 Corinthians, chapters 12, 13, and 14 for more on this. This is the power of God in you.

4.Begin your new relationship with God by talking to Him all the time about everything. Just talk to Him like you would your best friend because He is. It’s not about methods, but your heart.

5.Begin to build your new faith in God by reading the Bible-start with Romans, then, John, etc. See below for other Bible studies.

6.Pray about the right Christian fellowship for you to join. Let the Holy Spirit show you which one-not just any one. This is VERY important for spiritual growth. Don’t worry about denominations. It should be a Bible believing Church that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit. Find a small group where you can be ministered to and grow in the Lord. This is also a place where the gifts and talents God has given you can be discovered, expressed, and grow for use inside and outside the Church as well.

Thank you Paul!

But what about where Jesus said in the Bible, in Matthew 10:34, "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I come not to bring peace, but a sword."? And what about things like Exodus 15:3 where the Bible says "the Lord is a man of war"?

I can't get over how vicious and violent God was in most of the Bible. He killed so many people in such brutal ways, recommended stoning people, etc. What are we to do about all the violent parts of the Bible?

I have a friend who is a Muslim. He is a refugee from Afghanistan. Do you think he will really burn in hell?



Unless Jesus was recorded as personally always carrying a sword and attacking people with a sword, this verse has some other meaning (it means He came to do 'battle' with the devil and that He would be violently opposed spiritually). Jesus even told Peter in the garden to put his sword up when Peter inadvertently struck the guard. I don't recall any verse where Jesus hurt anyone with a sword.

Regarding your muslim friend, it's really not what I think, but what the Bible says. Jesus said of Himself "I am The Way, The Truth, and The one comes to the Father but by Me." We can choose to believe that or not believe that, but that's what He said. If everyone will be saved, then being a Chirstian is meaningless, and Jesus wasted His time dying on the cross. There's really only 1 truth, or there's no Truth.

As far as God in the OT, God always gave an opportunity for people to obey Him and follow Him. He even gave them the consequences. When they did not, the consequences followed. God has always been very serious about sin............

Hope that helps.........



Thank you for your thoughtful answer.

How can you be so sure about Matthew 10:34 being about doing battle with the devil? See, the part where he says "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth" sounds like he was talking about regular nonbelievers. He also says he came to set daughters against mothers, etc.

And one other question if you don't mind...something I'm really not sure about. I don't understand why Jesus had to die on the cross to save us. I mean, God could have made it so Jesus did something like a "rain dance" to save us. Or, he could have just "snapped his fingers" and saved us. Why make Jesus go through such a horrible death? See, that also makes me think God is extremely violent, in addition to most of the Bible of course, where he's always killing people.

About Akbar, my Afghan friend, so you think if the Bible says the only way is through Jesus, that he will burn in hell? But if you think everything in the Bible is definitely literally true, then do you think I should also stone my neighbor if I see him working on the Sabbath? I know that goes against the Ten Commandments, but the Bible does say that we should stone anyone who works on the Sabbath. So maybe it's ok to murder someone if they go against what God says? But I just can't agree with that, or God making Akbar burn in hell forever. That seems incredibly angry, and kind of like what they're saying on the Jesus Jitsu site. What do you think?



Please know that I'm not trying to be rude or too blunt here, but let me just say that what I think or what you think are really irrelevant. What IS relevant is what the Bible tells us about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. If we are going to walk with God, we accept what the Bible says about Him. We can't 'cherry pick' what we want to believe out of the Bible and 'create' our own version of God.

There are 2 problems with that:

- we create God instead of receiving His own revelation of Himself to us through the Bible

- we stand in judgement of God and in effect put ourselves above God as we sit in judgement of Him and what he chooses to do

- we commit the same sin that the devil did in attempting to exalt himself over God

This is very dangerous ground to be on, because we have basically rejected the God of the Bible and made ourselves God.

The Bible is full of dichotomies. This is one of them-Jesus came to bring peace to mankind through His atoning work at the cross, but at the same time He knew He would create divisions even among families because some would choose to believe in Him and other family members who did not would opstracize them thus dividing the family. This is true even down to today especially among those Muslims and Jews who convert to Christianity. Jesus is the "Rock of offense" for many, and He knew he would be.

As to why God did the plan of salvation, only He knows "why". The Bible says that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. The Jews would sacrifice lambs (preferred), and Jesus became the 'perfect' Lamb for a once and for all time scarifice for the sins for all mankind who would accept Him as that. Why did God choose that route-I have no idea-that is known only to Him, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We cannot stand in judgement of why He chose that methiod.

God is not angry at Akbar-He loves Akbar, and wishes Akbar would accept Him as his personal Savior. But right now Akbar is worshipping the devil and satan and God cannot allow the sin of the devil into Heaven. That is precisely why the devil was kicked out of Heaven in the first place. I spent 5 years of intensive research into Islam ( i read the entire Koran from back to front- the way it's written, and it is the most hate filled violent religious book I have ever read) and Arab history. Allah is an alliteration of Al 'Lat, the Arab moon god (check out Muslim flags-they display the star and crescent moon). They worship a meterite that the pagan Arabs thought came from the moon. It is enshrined in the Kaba in Mecca to this day and they kiss it if possible on the Hadj. Islam is the remant of a pagan, satanic moon god worship of the 7th century Arabs. I can give you many pages of proof if you desire.

Mark, here's the deal in a nutshell. We have to take God as He is. We can't 'tinker' with God or His nature. The defiinition fo 'good' is whatever God does. We can't mess with that. God doesn't give us that option.

I have been where you're at. It is not comfortable. I would urge you to just agree to accept God on His terms and let Him help you work through these issues.

Hope that helps. Feel free to write me back anytime............


Thank you Paul.

I guess my problem is that if we can't 'cherry pick' what we want to believe out of the Bible, we would have to stone people for working on the Sabbath, right? There are so many people who work on Saturday, and I can't imagine having to stone all of them. Something just doesn't sound quite right about that. But it is in the Bible. The Bible also tells us we should sacrifice animals if we sin, but I've never sacrificed an animal in my life!

I have not spent 5 years of research into Islam or even read the Koran, but Akbar definitely doesn't worship the devil! He's a very nice guy who always wants to help people. That's why I have trouble thinking about him burning in hell. I've tried to tell him how hot and painful it will be, and how he's going to be burning FOREVER, but he doesn't believe that. He is a good person, so why would God burn him?

And this may be more than you want to know...but I'm from Mississippi, where it is known that in rural areas some people have intercourse with animals. I have a friend who is a serious Christian, but when he was 16 he had intercourse with a cat and the cat died. That website says that if a man has intercourse with a beast (including a cat), he will be put to death. My friend is really worried about that, even though 3 years have passed and he has prayed to God for forgiveness. Does your reading of the Bible say that he will be ok as long as he has prayed for forgiveness?

On the other hand, Akbar has never had intercourse with a cat or killed any animal in such a bad way. So it's difficult for me to think that a loving God would make Akbar burn but save my friend Martin.

You say that God is not angry at Akbar, but why doesn't God just murder the devil and bring all his children into Heaven. I mean, God has murdered so many people, I just don't understand why he doesn't murder the devil and save nicer people like Akbar. I can see if he would punish Martin for having intercourse with the cat. Even though he was 16 that was a terrible thing to do. But Akbar is so nice, and he definitely doesn't think he's worshiping satan.

See, I have accepted God and Jesus as my Savior, but in accepting God I see all the murders he has committed, that he wants to make Akbar burn, and that we should be sacrificing animals and stoning people who work on Saturday. There are lots of other things like that in the Bible. So if I accept it all, what am I to do? How do you deal with that? I mean, you don't stone people, right? Thank you and blessings!



What is happening here is a misunderstanding of what happened at the cross of Jesus. Many of the OT laws like stoning were changed. The animal sacrifice for sins was abolished becausae Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. No more sacrifices, animal or otherwise, are needed anymore. That's why God allowed the Romans to sack and destroy the Temple in 70 AD and abolish the Priesthood and the sacrifical system. It was no longer needed. The reason you have not sacrificed an animal is because it is no longer needed-otherwise there would still be a Temple in Jerusalem complete with Priests.

I beg to differ on Islam, however. It really doesn't make any difference how "good' your friend seems to be . We don't get to define "good', God does. And allah is al 'lat the ancient pagan, satanic moon god of the arabs. That is who your friend worships. That is what Salmon Rushdie wrote about in the book "The Satanic Verses". He is a Muslim who wrote this book and it is a well known fact in Islam-they just choose not to talk about it. The Arabs had 365 gods they worshipped. All Mohammed did was to eliminate the other 364 gods and left al 'lat as the one to worship. Allah is not God at all, but a satanic, pagan moon god. What Rushdie documents in his book is that Mohammed, when asked by the Meccans if they could worship al 'lat AND his multiple daughter goddesses as well, said okay at first. But after that was all written in the Koran, he came back, changed his mind, and said they could not worship the daughter goddesses, just al lat. Have your friend get a copy of the book and read it and explain it. It may open his eyes. Ask him if he drinks camel urine for his health. Mohammed, in the Hadith, says to do this. Ask him why he has not chopped your head off yet. The Koran specifically says that if he wants to be a good Muslim, and since you are an infidel (non-Muslim), if you do not convert to Islam, he shoud kill you. Ask him why Mohammed had over 20 wives and one was 6 and he had sex with her when she was 9 (he would go to jail in this country for that). Ask him why Mohammed told his wife when he got his "revelations" that he thought he was demon possessed.

Do not be fooled allah and God are totally not the same - allah is satan pure an simple. This demonic cult is a throw back to an ancient, tribal, arabic pagan religion.

Your friend in Mississippi has commited bestiality, a sin from the Bible. God is very interested in our sexuality - He invented it. But he invented it for use between one man and one woman in marriage only- thus, other forms of sexuality are sins-bestiality, homosexuality, pederasty, pedophilia, incest, masturbation, fornication, adultery, bisexuality, etc. If your friend and Akbar do not repent of their actions and beliefs and accept Jesus Christ only as their salvation, they will share the same fate. You may not want to hear that or like that, but that is the reality. We do not get to decide who should receive Heaven or hell- that is God's business. It's His universe and He gets to make the rules.

Again, you and I don't get to define 'good'. God defines 'good' . If we don't agree or like His definition of 'good', then we reject God as sovereign, put ourselves as judges over God, and place ourselves above God bascially saying we are God. Not good. That got satan kicked out of Heaven to spend eternity in the fires of hell.

Here's the deal Mark. You take God just like the Bible describes Him and go with that, or not. There's no middle ground. You cannot recreate God in your image or to your tastes. God is God and He does what or wants and you accept that or you do not accept Him. It's really that simple.

To do otherwise, means you are saying you are God, and you can make the rules.

So you have a choice to make.

Hope that clarifies the issues for you............




Wow, do you really think I should ask Akbar if he drinks camel urine and why he hasn't chopped my head off yet!?!?!? I think he would be really insulted and hurt by that! That doesn't sound like a nice thing to say, but I guess Jesus isn't very nice to nonbelievers either, and God is going to send them to BURN maybe it's no problem for me to do.

I don't think you answered my question about stoning people who work on Saturday yet. What do you think about that, since God did say we should do that?

I see what you're saying about animal sacrifice. So we don't have to kill our pets anymore because Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. That does make sense in some ways. I still think it would have been a lot nicer if Jesus just would have done a "rain dance" to save us from our sins. But if God really wanted him to get tortured and nailed to a cross until he was dead...who am I to judge, right? And since Jesus and God are one, God was really only getting tortured Himself, right? So maybe another way to think about this is that God didn't make Jesus go through hell, God made Himself go through hell in order to save us. I still find it very strange that God would put Himself through that when He could have just saved us from our sins by doing anything. I mean, He could have said that Jesus could drink a cup of milk or eat a piece of bread to save us. Do you think it's strange that He got Himself tortured so badly? Or, as you said, maybe it's better we don't think about any of this stuff...

Let me ask you one more question if you don't mind. I've read that there are some tribal people living deep in the Amazon rainforest who have never met any other humans. Of course they have never seen the Bible or heard of Jesus. They don't even have clothing. They're kind of like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden...the way they live. So God put them there, but they don't know about Jesus. Will they burn? I've always wondered about that. I guess the Bible does say they're going to burn, but why would God put them there only to burn them?

I sure wish God would have just murdered satan instead of kicking him out of heaven and allowing him to mess with people so much!

Thank you for all your help. It's been so nice to have someone I can trust to talk to about this!




- If Akbar would be offended, then he needs to convert to Christianity because those things are what his allah commands through Mohhamed. I didn't make that up-this is what Islam teaches. Islam is offensive.

- No stoning for working on Saturday. This was abrogated in the NT.

- I do not know why God chose to do salvation the way He did-only God Himself can answer you.

- Paul says they will be judged by the light they have. The issue is what are doing with the knowledge you have of God? Since you are gonna be held accountable for that, that is more important than the savages question.

- Satan is used to tempt and buffet us to train us in this life for the next life. That's why God lets him stay around.

Hope that helps...........




What if I told you Jesus has come back to this earth and is here now, and that these questions were a test for you by Jesus to find out how much you really knew about Him? You do know that Jesus is coming back, right?

You are correct that those who practice bestiality, homosexuality, and pedophilia will burn in hell forever, along with Muslims and anyone who does not worship the Lord Jesus Christ. But you are incorrect in your first email that Jesus is not an angry man. Jesus and the Lord God are very jealous and very angry. You should know that from the Holy Book, and fear Him. When people choose not to follow the way of God, they are turning their backs on Jesus, will suffer severe consequences, and burn in hell forever. The Lord is a Man of War (Exodus 15:3). It is a mistake to think that Jesus destroyed any of the laws of the Old Testament. He said so in Matthew 5:17, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill."

Jesus is far angrier and meaner than you might believe. Jesus is a Warrior and a Terror to all who turn against him. The Lord is His Name.



Jesus is currently at the right hand of God and will remain there until all of his enemies on earth are made his footstool so it says in Hebrews. That means He'll return when there is no more Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.

Jesus is not angry. You say you are supposedly a Chrisiian but you seem to have lots of questions and doubts and interesting theological impressions. How did you become a Christian? What do you believe it means to be a follower of God? Where do you attend Church?

Your concept of God/Jesus as being mean, ugly, and angry is totally unBiblical...........



Think this through a bit, otherwise you'll get slapped in the balls before being jumped on and sent to hell:

So you think Jesus is going to make Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and anyone else who doesn't worship Him into His footstool. Yet, you don't think Jesus is mean and angry? Do you know what it means to make the majority of the world into a footstool? Have you read Revelations? And you don't think Jesus is a ferocious, wild and crazy Warrior? You are wrong Paul, and you better repent!

Ponder your conversation, and realize that by your own words, Jesus is a Warrior indeed:

Repent Paul, for Jesus is here.


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