The Real Jesus Christ

The Crucifix

In this attack we see Jesus strike a man in the throat with a palm down single prayer hand, knee the man in the balls, and throw him to the ground in a hold known as the "crucifix", which breaks the man's neck as he lands on the ground. Scholars aren't certain why Jesus decided to kill this man, but it is thought he may have been "picking up sticks on the sabbath". The Lord said that working on the sabbath is punishable by death, and the "crucifix" seems to be a justifiable punishment for such a transgression of God's Law.

A Closer Look

Throat Strike

Here we can see a perfect illustration of the palm down single prayer hand used to strike a man in the throat. This technique can kill a man, but not instantly. Therefore, Jesus continues his attack eventually breaking the poor man's neck. Remember that the throat is the Son of the Trinity, and in this combination Jesus attacks both the Son and the Holy Ghost (balls).

Crucifix Throw

In this illustration we see Jesus performing the crucifix throw. Notice the man's head is under Jesus' arm, so that when he lands on the ground his neck will be snapped by the weight of Jesus' body landing on his head.

Crucifix Neck Break

And finally we see Jesus holding the dead man in the crucifix position.

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