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I hope you realize you're going to burn in Hell for making this website. I for one look forward to hearing you scream in pain you bastards!

Please ignore the comment from the ignorant fool above. So few people have the courage to tell it like it is when it comes to Christ, but you my brother are doing just that! May the peace of Yeshua be with you!

Khara Mathews:
I don't know if this site is for real or not, but if it is for real whoever made it really is stupid. Your "lessons for today" and "what would Jesus do" pages are serious misrepresentations of the way of Jesus, and you don't give the real reasons why evolution is a fantasy, why abortion is wrong, and so many other things. You should be ashamed!

Do you have any techniques that work against bullets? I read that Jesus could stop bullets with his bare hands. Great site!

Very Funny. YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FOR THIS BLASPHEMY ALONG WITH YOUR NAZI BRETHREN. You do realize some wacko will eventually kill you in the name of Jesus. How ironic will that be?

Sisters For Jesus:
To Matt and all the other devil worshipers out there - making fun of Lord Jesus (blessed be his name) is NOT funny. The day is near when our Lord Jesus will bring justice to this world and it is not too late for you to change your sinful ways. Follow the Lord, or face eternal damnation forever. I pray for you to seek the truth in our Lord Jesus.

Dr. Meade:
You are a heretic, misguided, and an abomination.

Irish Mike:
I am confused. Your selection of bible passages in no way makes it clear that Jesus had a penchant for strikes to the groin. Absolute BS. If its meant to be funny its not, and if your serious than you have some serious issues.

You people don't know the Lord at all. If you knew the depth of His love, you'd be ashamed of what you have done.

Dear Jesus,
I didn't know that you were such a bad motha!!!! I hope it's okay for me to call on you to take some fool out if I can't do it myself, which is highly unlikely but I am getting older, you on the other hand look as good as the day they nailed you to the cross. How is that? Anyway stay in touch.

I am so relieved to see that Jesus is okay with abortion. I personally believe that abortion is okay up to the 5th trimester.

I have been practicing Jesus Jitsu for years. I have become especially adept at "The Stigmata" where you slam the palm of your opponents hand on something sharp and pointed (like a nail for instance). I am really surprised that you have not included this "handy" technique on your website.

I didn't believe in Jesus until now. I believed in Chuck Norris because I could see his goodness. Now, with I see that Chuck Norris LEARNED from Jesus! Jesus is the true savior for we will need an ass kicking savior in end times. Thank you To all of those giving you warnings of hell fire, let them know you are leading souls to heaven.

Once, God was putting me through a bunch of tribulations to prove to Beelzebub that I would still follow him. This was when I was introduced to "Noah's Arc". God sent Jesus to me. Jesus placed me in a modified guillotine choke, flipped me onto his shoulders pulling my torso across the back of his neck, arcing my body and breaking my back. While he later healed me, it was a terrifying introduction to the usefulness of JesusJitsu.

God will not be mocked... whatsoever a man sows - that shall he also reap.

The way you portray Jesus is VERY rebellious. I truly hope you will repent and turn to the truth.

It appears that you might be trying to correlate Jesus with martial arts. Your blog is sickening and shows your ignorance of the real meaning of Jesus' purpose here on earth, which certainly was not to beat people up.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are Old Testement books relating to events before the birth of Jesus. Your comments about the use are violence are more apropos to Mohammed & Islam than Jesus and Christianity-or maybe you don't have the balls for that.

sorry mate but you are so wrong with all this, i don't know if its a joke or you misinterpret complete what the bible says, but i can see you know same think about the bible, are some one who got hurt by people in the church and now want todo a pay back against Jesus? if yes, i want to tell you people are not perfect, you need to look to Jesus and not for people, Jesus love u, but you are blaspheme against God and its wrong and if you keep doing, you going to pay a expensive price.

"God shall strike down upon you with vengeance and furious anger...!" Please, to all of the people who can't take a light hearted jab at Christianity, I will pity you on the day that you step outside of your insular little worlds and realise that not everyone is going to conform to your ways of hardcore worship.

Lighten the funk up.

"God will not be mocked... whatsoever a man sows - that shall he also reap."

So we should mock the maker of this site? Is that what you are suggesting?

Cecelia Maloney:
We are interested to increase traffic to your website, please get back to us in order to discuss the possibility in further detail.

The Rich Indian:
Awesome... saw a cursing Jesus Christ for the first time in my life.
Get some life and help. you need some medical help buddy!
PS: Talking about wrath of God... are you serious?

pedro henrique:
Great Job! Respect from BJJ and Brazil! "If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut."

Jesusjitsu - Awesome funny love it!!!!!

Hardcore lame Christians - Ofcourse this site is not real! If you are that stupid you can't see THIS for what it is, its NO WONDER you are as stupis as your are!!!!! Can't wait till the day you die and everything just goes dark.

Um...your site is awesome. I stumbled here whilst following a money trail from Hobby Lobby to NeedHim Ministries. I feel like I have finally found the true way of Jesus! I am ready to follow his true path except it will be pretty hard to poke eyes, grab balls, and throw stones once I have cut off all my fingers and possibly whole right hand.

Matthew Noah:
Your website hurts me. It cuts into my heart with how violent you believe the heart of God to be. I won't judge you for your beliefs but I had to say that we follow two very different lords. I hope that you find peace.

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