The Real Jesus Christ

The Blind Man

In this understated but spectacular attack, Jesus renders a man blind before kicking him in the nuts and bolt. The crushing of the testicles sends the man into unconsciousness. Jesus also shows his mercy in this attack, as he does not kill his opponent but offers him a blessing instead. We do not know the exact context of the assault, but it's possible that Jesus was deeply offended when his private space was encroached upon.

It is believed that this man is the same man who Jesus healed later in life. While the man did say he was blind from birth, scholars believe that the man felt he was Birthed at the moment Jesus blinded him, as he was spared a brutal and horrific death.

A Closer Look

Eye Strike

In the picture at left we can clearly see the element of surprise Jesus used in his attack. His opponent is standing flat-footed, obviously completely unprepared for Jesus to stick his fingers in the man's eyes. We also notice that Jesus is stepping "off line" in preparation to give the man a swift kick in the nuts.

Groin Kick

Again, we can see the element of surprise here as Jesus kicks the man in his twig and berries, bursting the berries with the top of his foot. The man has covered his eyes after Jesus has gouged them out, and is unable to see the kick coming. Imagine the man's surprise when his berries are exploded with no hesitation!

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